The decision to euthanize your beloved pet can be one of the hardest decisions a pet owner will ever have to face.  When it comes time to say goodbye, home euthanasia can be a wonderful option to consider.  Your pet's last day should not be spent stressed and scared in a crowded, noisy waiting room.  Home euthanasia helps make this difficult day as comfortable as possible for you and your pet.  

We understand this is not a decision to be taken lightly or rushed.  We offer in home euthanasia consultation exams to help determine if it is time to consider euthanasia.  This service includes a complete physical exam and personalized consultation to discuss quality of life and options such as hospice care, treatment, or humane euthanasia.  Please call or email to schedule an appointment at 601-540-7492

Care of remains options can be discussed before the appointment.  Private and general cremation options are available as well as burial services. With private cremation the ashes are returned to you.  Price is based on weight and includes transportation of remains by us for cremation.  Before our arrival please download and fill out our euthanasia and new client form if we have not seen your pet before.